What People Are Saying About CanGuard Pest Solutions

Marv Peters
Commercial Customer

We thought we had a pest problem and called another company and they told use how much we’d have to pay for a 6-month commitment even before they came to evaluate our situation. Reid (CanGuard), on the other hand, came out, evaluated our situation and, in our case, told us that we no longer had a problem. Reid is very honest and I whole-heartedly recommend CanGuard! Finding someone you can trust isn’t easy these days, and it’s great when you do!

Christine Campbell
Residential Customer

Fantastic service. He came out late in the evening to extract a creature from our ducts. He was knowledgeable, quick and courteous. We will use him again for other pest problems around the house.

Gena Doe
Residential Customer

Reid was absolutely amazing. I had an issue with bats, called him at 4pm and he was at my home at 5:15 which was fantastic. He thoroughly went through my house and gave me such peace of mind. I would highly recommend this business for any issues!
Thank you so much

Bryce Tempeny
Commercial Customer

Great same day service! Reid is knowledgeable and his follow up is amazing too. Our hotel remains pest free!

Robbie Kelley
Residential Customer

He’s always done a great job with all pest problems big and small we’ve ever had!

Lonny Zahn
Commercial Customer

Excellent service and very knowledgeable about pests.

Jackie Mae
Pest Control Company

Canguard pest solutions is run by a very well trained and efficient technician. He is detailed and determined to solve all your pest issues. We defiantly would recommend hiring Canguard to eliminate your pest issues.

Paul Sanders
Commercial Customer

I have had the great pleasure of speaking with CanGuard in a Commercial aspect, the advice and knowledge were very impressive. Thanks for your input on the situation we had come across in our business.

Carina Angenendt
Residential Customer

Excellent service. Reid is professional and friendly. I highly recommend Can Guard !

Jay Falkus
Residential Customer

5 Stars! We had a bad wasp problem last summer and they were just starting to get bad again. We called up Reid with CanGuard Pest Solutions. He was able to come out within a couple days and take care of them right away. Super professional and a very friendly guy. Have already recommended him to friends and definitely will again.

Miss Ortz
Residential Customer

Penticton and all the surrounding area has seen a huge increase of the “Tree Rat”, “Roof Rat”, or what ever the proper name is for this destructive rodent. I live in a heritage home and our surrounding neighborhood has been inundated with the rats. They get into your home very easily and they can breed more prolifically than rabbits. I hope you will put up some information on your website to let people know just how much of an issue these rats are. I have had the need for Reid’s expertise in this matter and he has gone above and beyond duty and diligence in getting rid of them. Each time I have called Reid, he has attended swiftly, setting traps, emptying traps, coming back to check traps, disposing the rats. In the attic, there was a small opening in the screen and Reid even went out and bought new screen and installed if for me without asking for extra funds. Having dealt with many businesses in the Penticton area since the early 70’s, either for myself or extended family, there have been many businesses over the years. It is rare that someone shows up at the allotted appointment when they say they will, give you and stick to the stated quote, done the work accordingly or better, and have the professional and courteous personality to accompany it all. Dealing with a pest can be an overwhelming and frightening experience and Reid has certainly helped me feel better about getting control over this situation. It is truly an uncomfortable feeling when the home you have worked so hard for is being invaded. Reid has also educated me a little about these pests, and that has helped me to deal with the situation too. The population of these destructive rodent will only increase when neighbors don’t think there is any problem with the rat population and do not understand what it means if they are not put into check. Live traps unfortunately do not work because it only moves the problem elsewhere. For all my life I have kept an outdoor open compost and will also not be doing that any more because it becomes a wonderful smorgasbord for them. I am more than pleased to share my experience with CanGuard Pest Control, and I think the name of the business says it all. Thank you for your professional, informative and diligent service Reid.

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