House mice are extremely common in all urban areas. They are brown, gray or black in color and can grow up to 20 cm from head to end of the tail. Once they invade a structure, using openings 1/4” or more, they seek out food and nesting areas around washers and dryers, dishwashers, stoves, fridges, hot water tanks and furnaces or in walls and attics. Mice are quite lazy. They prefer to have their food and nest within 30 feet of each other. Mice will find crumbs or chew through boxes of stored products. Unlike rats mice don’t need a water source because they get enough water form condensation on pipes or from the food they eat.
Mice breed all year round. One female can have 5 to 10 litters annually. Each liter consists of 4 to 6 offspring. Those offspring start to reproduce approximately 30 days after birth. The average house mouse will live for one year. Each house mouse makes 50 droppings per day. Mice breed extremely quickly and as such it is important to hire a pest control professional to get rid of mice before they get out of control and to locate any entry points to keep your home pest free in the future.