Pigeons are amazing complex and intelligent birds. Pigeons are highly sociable. They will often be seen in flocks of 20 to 30 birds. They are also very destructive to buildings and to the health of humans. Pigeons’ droppings can eat through metal and paint over time. Pigeons can also carry bird mites. Once pigeons have nested and give birth they will never leave that nest’s sight unless they are caught and removed and exclusion is done to prevent them from returning.

Netting is the most effective way of deterring pigeons. Bird spikes are great to keep pigeons off beams and edges of buildings but unfortunately if the spikes are not installed properly, the birds will sit behind or in front of the spikes. Spikes are inexpensive to install and do a great job. Shock track, which is a flat piece of rubber with wires in it that gives the birds a small jolt just enough to detour them but not hurt them, is also very effective. Bird slope is another great product to keep birds off of edges. Trapping pigeons is another great way to remove them. There are products that use sound or visuals such as owls as deterrents. These have not been found to be effective as pigeons will, over time, get use to an owl that doesn’t move or the sound of a hawk especially if there are no signs of hawks in the area. I’ve seen pigeons sitting on fake owls.