Odorous Ants

Odorous house ants are one of the most common ants in the Okanagan valley. Workers are 2.4 to 3.25 mm in size and brownish black or black in color. They eat honeydew (made from aphids) and sugary foods left by humans. They will nest inside or outside. Inside they are commonly found in insulation and under dishwashers and sinks. In the Okanagan, it is common to have ants inside during the winter months. As the house heats up the ants will emerge. Outside they are found under rocks, in potted plants and exposed soil. Their colonies can range from 100 workers and one queen to more than 10,000 workers and hundreds of queens.

Velvety Tree Ants

Velvety tree ants are also one of the most common ants in the Okanagan. They are red to black in color with a shiny velvety abdomen. When crushed they emit an unpleasant odor. The colonies are found in water damaged wood and small cracks in trees. They are very territorial and aggressive and they will bite. They like food that is sweet.