In the Okanagan valley there are many different types of spiders. All spiders are controlled in the same way. One type of spider common to the Okanagan is the black widow spider. The black widow is a very shy spider and will avoid conflict at all cost. Most people get bit reaching behind a wood pile or in a dark area where the spiders are. They have venom that is very potent to small prey. The venom is said to be four times more potent than a rattlesnakes but is injected in small doses. The venom is a neurotoxin which can cause muscle pain and nausea in humans. The effect depends on the individual person. Some people say it feels like a wasp sting and have little to no reaction whereas other people will need to be hospitalized. Black widow spiders are between 0.5-3.5cm in length and live one to three years. The webs of the black widow is one of the strongest of all spiders. The male black widows are small, brownish in colour, and have venom that is harmless to humans